All About Planets

All About Planets

Welcome to the site that will teach you about planets.
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Planet Mercury


Orbit: 57,910,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 4,880 km
Mass: 3.30e23 kg

Planet Earth


Orbit: 149,600,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 12,756.3 km
Mass: 5.972e24 kg

Planet Jupiter


Orbit: 778,330,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 142,984 km
Mass: 1.900e27 kg


Planet Uranus


Orbit: 2,870,990,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 51,118 km
Mass: 8.683e25 kg

Planet Venus


Orbit: 108,200,000 km from the sun
Diameter: 12,103.6 km
Mass: 4.869e24 kg

Planet Mars


Orbit: 227,940,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 6,794 km
Mass: 6.4219e23 kg


Planet Saturn


Orbit: 1,429,400,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 120,536 km
Mass: 5.68e26

Planet Neptune


Orbit: 4,504,000,000 km from Sun
Diameter: 49,532 km
Mass: 1.0347e26 kg

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